h_hun and I made a GX Romance community

It's called gx_romance. This community focuses on the love interests in the Yu Gi Oh GX

world. And we welcome all kind of relationships, especially yaoi and yuri. For now, Juudai Yuuki, Edo

Phoenix, Ryou Marufuji and Tori are taken.

I'm sooooo happy to see people like this idea- fulfilling fangirl fantasy in RP. Of course, it would be

much better to have more people to join.

Mixed feelings about GX Episode 95

Although I have watched it over an hour ago, I still need time to calm my nerves!

Conclusion, Hell Kaiser is a super evil sadist. I am glad to see Sho become even stronger and

the brotherly bond(Ironically, his real brother failed to provide) between him and Judai. I

wish I can watch the sub now to understand what they are really talking about. Especially the

Judai screaming part. Even Sho and Fubuki cannot bring Ryo back to normal, is it up to Judai to

do that task AGAIN? That's a bit cliche now. Fortunately, Sho seems to be okay in preview, or

else, Hell Kaiser is so dead!

Just watched Raw GX 86

~Spoiler and yaoi warning~ People who only watch GX dub may not know what I am talking about...

Despite Judai is my favorite charcter, 86 is just another boring Judai-centric filler episode.

The only interesting things are the Japanese tradition theme: Sakura, fubuki, noh...and other thngs I don't know.

Then I get all excited over the 87 preview: Sho hides in a trashcan, lol! And Daitokshi's spirit appear again! Judai+ Ojama Hero VS

White Thunder! Since Saiou has taken(sex?) Manjyome, I had waited for this episode to come. I hope Judai can do more than purify

Manjoume's soul this time . (Sounds like Sailor Moon)Like hugging him in ep 54 or maybe even MORE? (died of yaoi fangirl fantasy) Judai,

win Jun's heart back!

My ranting about my obsession with Judai/Manjyome

After I have a few crushes over the other anime, I still come back for GX. The main reason is my never dying obsession with Judai/Manjyome. Both are my favorite characters, if I have to choose between them, I like Judai better than Jun.
Usually I want to create fanfics of them that are not too far from the original GX. So AUs and OCs are out of the question. Also, I want to include more Misawa and Sho into it. I love them and all but are not imaginative anything other than their daily life.
And I have to resist the temptation to insert myself into the fantasy----especially I really wanna be Judai's mother!
Lately, I saw a few abusive Manjyome in FF.net. I loved it because it is Judai/Manjyome, but feel kinda scary at how much damage have done to MY poor Judai. I don't wanna blame Manjyome but...how dare he hurt/almost rape J just because he won his duels/say something stupid! I've never thought that their relationship would become so violent. And now, despite my short-attention span, easily give up nature, I decided to write a more loving JuuMan fanfics.

best wishes to self

Why I like Jaden Yuki

He is innocent, optimistic, and energetic. I even LOVE his silly behaviors. He is confident, he is always ready to stand up for his friends yet respect them as an unique person. Encourage Sho to be more psychologly and emotionally independence.

Rivals to Friends


Setting: Post episode 26, the night after the school duel between Manjyome and Judai. Pairing: Slight Judai x Manjyome, aka. Jaden x Chazz

Judai stay awake in the middle of the night, (constructing his deck) staring at his deck, deep in thought. He is thrilled by the duel today. He can’t wait to have a rematch with Manjyome again. He is happy that Manjyome finally return to the Duel Academia. On the other hand, he wonder if Manjyome is okay.

He wanted to enter from door but afraid he would get caught so Judai climbed the tree and entered from barcony instead.

Manjyome ’s lying in his king-size bed, face pressed against the pillow, attend to block his sobbing so nobody would heard him. He is crying about his defeat in front of everybody, his brother’s insult him in front of everybody and now he is demoted to Osiris Red--the loser’s dorm. That’s the worst humiliation he had ever suffered in his entire life.
Only one thing make him really confused, his supposed rival defense for him from his brothers.
“ We, me and Manjyome---Thunder had dueled our best.”

Judai can’t take it anymore and about to leave Manjyome alone. When he tried to climb over the barrel, he tripped over and make a loud voice.
“Who’s there?” “It’s me.” Judai whispers.
Manjyome turned around and shocked to find he is face-to-face with Judai Yuki.
Figures there’s no point to hide, Judai steps in front of the window and whisper“ It’s me.”

“I didn’t enjoy the duel today, Manjyome.”or “ Do you know why I didn’t say I had enjoyed the duel? Because I know my victory would make you sad.”

Judai hugged Manjyome from behind. That took him entirely by surprise, but he soon relaxed into the warmth of the embrace.
Jun missed the human contact. When he was little, he always get a hug from his brothers whenever he did something good. But after his parents passed away at 7, everything changed. He was sented to the boarding school, and his brothers started to declared they want to rule the world.
his brothers become obsessed to be perfect. They are so devoted to be the top that they hardly speak to him. When they did, they are demanding him to be the top of the class, or scorn him for not meeting their expectations. Manjyome Jun would rather be died before he admitted he do all these things to please his brothers is simply because he wanted them to hug him and tell him he is good.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve never enjoy dueling.”
“Call me Jun, only for tonight.”
“We are gonna duel tomorrow.”
“I really want to experience the full potential of Manjyome Thunder.”

Now he realized that even though he is not perfect, there’s at least one person accept what he truly is.

Eventually, Jun join him and when he is dreaming, he has a smile on his face.


【遊戲王GX】《揮別過去》『遊戲結束』後續 ﹝EG慎入﹞

嚴正聲明:此文含花癡十代犬及五階堂各一只 +惡搞原作劇情,如閱後有任何嘔吐不適本人慨不負責。
/.../ 十代 POV
﹋...﹌ 萬丈目 POV


『大家, 萬丈目同學會留在夫家裡。』